Tax Information
Tax Forms - T2202
Official tax receipts for the tuition portion of your course fees for the previous year will be available to you online via myStudent Centre at the end of February.The T2202 issued in February will covers terms or sessions attended during the prior cale...
Submit your Social Insurance Number (SIN)
Due to Government of Canada income tax laws, Sheridan College is required to include a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN) when issuing tax forms / slips (e.g., T2202 and T4A). Please be aware that if you do not provide your SIN, you may incur a $100 pe...
Tax Forms - T4A Slip
Each year, Sheridan College issues a T4A slip (Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity, and Other Income) to students who received scholarships, bursaries and awards. You will receive this tax slip if you received more than $500 in a given calendar ye...
Incorrect Social Insurance Number (SIN)
If your SIN is wrong on your T2202 form, please email for further assistance.Additional information about SIN T2202s can be found on the myOTR site.