Registering for Courses
How do I add, drop, or swap a course?
For detailed instructions on how to add, drop, or swap a course, please review the page on MyOTR.Students may take additional courses beyond their full course load, as long as there is space available. Additional fees will apply. Please note: If you are...
Start of Term Enrolment
Start of TermFor course enrollment timelines, please review the start-of-term registration timelines on MyOTR.Tips, tools and resources to support you as you begin a new and exciting term at Sheridan. Viewing Your TimetableYou can view your timetable at...
How do I know if my classes will be delivered remotely or in-person?
If you see a room number in your schedule, this means you have a face-to-face class on-campus.If you see ‘Virtual Campus Remote’ in your schedule, this means you have a remote/online class.For more information, vistmyOTR.
View your timetable
To view your schedule, login to myStudentCentre Academics Weekly SchedulePlease note, timetables are date sensitive (e.g., fill in ‘Week as of: 01-08-2024').For additional timetable support, visit MyOTR.
How will my classes be delivered remotely?
Some courses may be synchronous, which means students are expected to be online at a specific time on a specific day each week. Your instructor will provide you with further direction on when how to log in each week.Another type of learning is asynchro...