Sheridan OneCard
How do I get my OneCard?
We recommend you get your onecard before the first day of class. Follow the instructions on the OneCard webpage to get your onecard.If you’re a new student, international student, or are under the age of 16, you must complete these steps before you can ...
What is a onecard?
Your Sheridan onecard is your official photo identification card. It can be used for identification, accessing campus spaces, and as a payment card. It is mandatory to have your onecard while on campus. We recommend students us the mobile version of the...
How do I load money onto my one card?
You can add money to your onecard by logging in to your accountor by logging into the 360u app on your mobile device. Visit the Using Your Onecard page for more information.Parents, family, and friends can add money to any onecard by logging in to the A...
What if I have issues uploading my onecard photo?
If you have trouble uploading your onecard photo, check the Troubleshooting section of our FAQ on Sheridan Central. You can also email your email, please include: Your nameYour student numberDetails about the issue you’re h...
How do I set up my mobile onecard?
Once you’ve uploaded your onecard photo, and it’s been approved, you can download your digital onecard. Follow the how-to guides for iOS and Android to set up your onecard.If you have an Android device without NFC capability, you will require a plastic ...
Can I get a plastic onecard?
You can check the eligibility requirements on the onecard webpage.
Where can I use my onecard?
There are many places you can use your OneCard both on and off campus. For the complete and updated list, check out this article on using your OneCard.
Do I have to pay for my onecard?
There is no charge for the mobile onecard or your first plastic onecard. If you lose your plastic onecard and need a replacement, you’ll need to pay a replacement fee.For more information about your onecard, please visit Sheridan Central.