Understanding your Course Outline

When looking at a course outline, there are a few things to keep in mind to remain well-informed about your course. You will see an orange box that details how many hours you will spend for the duration of your course, the credit value, and if there are any prerequisites or co-requisites required for the course.  

You will also find an evaluation plan which will break down how you will be demonstrating your learning. This will detail how many assignments/assessments you will have and how much it will be worth towards your final grade.  

It is important to read through the Evaluation Notes and Academic Missed Work Procedure. Each program/course may have a specific method to handle missed evaluations. Follow the protocol listed for each course if you happen to miss any assessments. You can find course outlines using our database. 

Prospective Students 

If you are interested in one of our programs and would like more information about what to expect in the courses offered in each program, you can take a look at the course outline. Head to sheridancollege.ca to find our programs. Upon selecting a program, head to the ‘courses’ tab. Click on the course code (eg. COMM 19999) to view the course outline. 

Credit Transfers 

If you are trying to transfer your Sheridan credits to a different institution and require your course outline, you can find course outlines using our database.